Masters in the West Area

Information on Masters Hockey in the West Area


Age is no barrier to playing hockey as in the West Masters Hockey is growing.  Participation covers all ages from over 35 all the way up to over 75 for men and for all abilities with local groups like Gatfers in Devon up to West representative squads and national teams.  The beauty of hockey is that you can play for life with opportunities for all ages and Masters is an opportunity to renew old friendships and rivalries - it is never too late to return to hockey or even start playing! 

Following on from the England Hockey AGM and the setting up of the new West Hockey Ltd, a Masters Hockey Transition Group has been set up with interested parties from across the area to formulate Masters Hockey provision across the West. We are aware that there is a lot of great activity already taking place in Counties and the group has been tasked with developing a standardised Masters Hockey Framework with the main objective of allowing more Masters players to be involved in age group representative teams as well as club & county competitions.

Following the recent West Masters Club Survey, which had a good response rate, West Hockey are pleased to share the survey findings on the  presentation on the right, outlining the responses. With the continued growth in the number of Masters Hockey players, it is hoped that the feedback from this survey will help direct the West Masters Hockey Committee to offer new and enhanced opportunities, as appropriate, to play Masters Hockey at all levels within the West.

Several questions were raised from clubs in the survey responses which have been answered on the West Masters Transition FAQ document.  As further queries are raised these will be added to this document.