Representative Teams


West Masters Representative Teams Tournaments and Contacts - 2023/24 Season

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Tournament  Information 

Women's Area Masters Tournament 2024

Women’s Over 35s - 11/12th May 

Women’s Over 40s  - 18/19th May

Women’s Over 45s - 11/12th May 

Women’s Over 50s - 18/19th May

Women’s Over 55s - 11/12th May 

Women’s Over 60s - 1/2nd June

Women’s Over 65s - 18/19th May

Women’s Over 70s - 9th May

Men's Area Masters Tournament 2024

Men’s Over 35s - 11/12th May 

Men’s Over 40s  - 8/9th June

Men’s Over 45s  - 18/19th May

Men’s Over 50s - 8/9th June

Men’s Over 55s - 18/19th May

Men’s Over 60s - 8/9th June

Men’s Over 65s - 15/16th June

Men’s Over 70s - 8/9th June

Men’s Over 75s - 15/16th June