Officiating in the West

Area Officiating Committee - Role & Responsibilities


Officiating in the West Area

As part of the England Hockey restructuring  officiating in the West Area is now lead by the West Area Officiating Committee.

Details, including names and e-mail addresses, can be found here.

The West AOC is generally responsible for:

  • Helping the development of officials (umpires and technical officials) across the West Area.
  • Making neutral appointments to league matches, and other matches such as BUCS and Schools, via the new England Hockey Game Management System (or otherwise where GMS doesn’t yet support such appointing)
  • Helping to develop a network of Club Umpire Developers across the Area
  • Ensuring that Young Umpires are given the necessary opportunities to develop their officiating in a safe, controlled and managed way
  • Providing support to people who wish to consider the match official role, by providing support and coaching and appointing to matches and tournaments.

Clubs are expected to have a Club Umpire Liaison officer as part of their management structure, who will be responsible for helping to link together all of the club and Area umpires associated with a club, and to help visiting officials find their way.

Clubs should also have a Club Umpire Developer (who has been through the England Hockey Club Umpire Developer training course – here) to help with the local development of umpiring and umpires.

Please ensure that our Local Network Coordinator has contact details for both of these important posts in your club.

The England Hockey bookings portal, for all kinds of courses including those relevant to officials, can be found here.

Twitter – West Hockey Officiating